Gel Fiber Pillows – Advantages and Disadvantages You Should Know

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Gel pillows (often known as gel fiber pillows) have gotten more and more standard. Does one should be in your mattress? Let us take a look at their most important benefits and disadvantages. However first, let me clarify precisely what a gel pillow is.

A gel pillow just isn’t crammed with any kind of gel or liquid-like substance. Fairly, it’s crammed with polyester gel fibers. This makes the pillow just like a conventional polyester / artificial-stuffed pillow in some methods. Nevertheless, polyester gel does have some distinctive properties, which I’ll now talk about.


Gel pillows have the same comfortable and soft really feel as down, however they provide considerably extra assist. The pillows could be simply molded or scrunched to offer assist the place you want it.

They’re simple to maintain in that they usually don’t want shaking or fluffing to take care of their loft as down pillows typically do. And they are often machine washed and dried. Gel pillows are additionally gentle weight and hypoallergenic.

Lastly, they’re in all probability worth as a result of they’re pretty cheap but will possible final a couple of years.


The pillows could not present the assist wanted for some individuals, particularly aspect sleepers, as a result of the pillow is kind of comfortable and could not have the necessity loft / peak.

Like different poly-fill pillows, gel pillows could shift, clump and develop hole spots as they age. Additionally, a couple of homeowners complain of a noticeable scent when the pillows are new.

Lastly, the poly-fiber fill of the pillows could be vulnerable to mud mites, which may trigger allergic reactions.

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