Glow-in-the-Dark Boy’s Bedroom – Genius Bedroom Mural

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It’s frightening stepping into yours area when it comes to time that is first. So when four-year-old Ben was resisting this change, his parents enlisted the help of their friend, Crispin Young, to make the room not-so-scary — and (us) downright magical.

Young if you ask set to the office switching Ben’s wall space and roof into a mural that is glowing. She used specialty pine and paint tree stencils then set all of them down about a foot or two through the roof to look like a tree range, detailed with hills. Then, she developed a Northern Lights-like structure together with her paint — but because it’s glow-in-the-dark, Ben don’t understand it existed until their first-night in the very own area.

On the night that is big Ben’s parents told him goodnight and hit the lights — then he screamed for two second before crying out an excited “what’s that?!” The following two minutes consisted of Ben jumping on the bed, turning the lights on and off, and making his siblings super jealous (don’t worry, their rooms are likely next).

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