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We have a two-for-one deal with this 1; not just are you able to get a squeaky-clean microwave oven without the need for harsh chemical compounds in an area where we also temperature our meals, but that is additionally hands-down the way that is easiest to wash a microwave. You got that right — if you have already been preventing cleansing your microwave oven, this strategy will make you happy.

It really is a idea that is simple really: Just squeeze some lemon juice into water, drop the rinds into the water, and microwave. As the liquid boils, it condenses on the sides of the microwave, loosening gunk and dissolving food splatters. The lemon juice is a cleaning that is natural, and thus what you need to do is make use of a clear bath towel to wipe every little thing clean.

How To Clean Your Microwave Naturally with Just a Lemon

Everything You Require

Small microwave-safe dish or measuring glass
1 Lemon
Clean, dry dishtowel or cleansing cloth



  1. Measure water: Measure about 1/2 cup liquid into a measuring glass or a dish.
  2. Add the lemon: cut the lemon in one half and squeeze the juice to the liquid. Drop the lemon halves to the dish.
  3. Microwave for 3 mins: Place the dish within the microwave oven. Microwave on high-power for three minutes and so the fluid involves a boil.
  4. Let stand for five minutes: Do maybe not start the microwave oven home. The steam trapped inside shall assist loosen food gunk. Let mean five minutes.
  5. Wipe the microwave*****************) that is clean( Open the doorway and very carefully eliminate the bowl with the lemons. If the microwave oven has actually a turntable, carry it and wipe it clean. Wipe the interior associated with the microwave oven clean beginning with the roof additionally the edges. Complete with a floor, sweeping any crumbs into the hand. Do not forget the doorway!
  6. Clean stubborn places: If you find persistent places that wont easily wipe away, drop the part of the dishtowel within the lemon-water and scrub before the area comes away.

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