How to Make a Chunky Knit Bunny for Easter

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You’ve most likely seen all of them everywhere: comfortable, chunky blankets that are knit really big right now. In fact, they’ve become so popular, there are now a ton of easy DIY tutorials that exist, and we’ve seen a boon in cute spin-off accessories too. But of all the interpretations we’ve seen, this idea is by far the most adorable.

These giant knit bunnies can be made in just a few hours using an arm technique that is knitting gives these knits their particular cozy, chunky appearance, according to their particular fashion designer, Annie Weil of Flax and Twine and composer of Knitting Without Needles. The task just requires a few materials, and you may make use of a group of no-cost guidelines and patterns to make sure they are, which Annie shared with Sweet Paul mag.

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The bunny patterns also come in two sizes, and you may personalize their particular appearance by utilizing yarn that is various. The instructions recommend this project for intermediate knitters, but fellow crafters have reassured that just about anyone can tackle this project that is simple. “you practically don’t even need the pattern,” one commenter wrote on Facebook if you knit. “[This was] my knitting that is first project a bigger scale. Like it.”

These valuable animals are a wonderful home made present to give year-round, nonetheless they’re particularly fitted as an Easter gift. You can also purchase custom-made bunnies in small and large sizes through Flax and Twine.

Get the complete tutorial at Sweet Paul magazine.

( if you love the idea but aren’t up for the afternoon of knitting required,**********)

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