How to Make a DIY Lava Lamp With Just a Few Ingredients

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Science is incredible. It is trained people that wine will work for the human brain, candy may heal a cough which cheese may enhance your cholesterol. As a display of passion, when weare jammed inside with all the children this wintertime, we’ll be instructing them how to enjoy research, also — with entertaining trials like DIY lava lights.


  • Large glass pot ($6,
  • Water
  • Food colour ($4 for group of 4,
  • Plant gas ($2,
  • Huge torch ($10,
  • 1 supplement Alkaseltzer ($4,


1. Load 1/4 of one’s glass pot with water.

2. Include a several droplets of food colour.

3. Destroy the lamps.

4. Shed a supplement of Alkaseltzer into your pot watching the miracle occur.

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