How to Make Scratch-Off Gifts Cards With Just Paint and Dish Soap

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Everyone appreciates a card implies therefore far more if it is created using your personal two palms. Of course if the card brings to an excellent reward, better still. We-don’t always supporter betting, but with your DIY scratchoff cards, every decision is actually a winner.


Kate Bennis

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  • Large document ($10 for 50 blankets,
  • Scissors ($3 every,
  • Pencil ($6 for 36,
  • White crayon ($6 for just two 24-bags,
  • plastic-cup ($4 for 50,
  • Art stay ($5 for 80,
  • Testing spoons ($5 for pair of 6,
  • Dish detergent ($7 for just two containers,
  • Gas color ($10 for pair of 6,
  • Paintbrush ($6 for pair of 10,


1. Printing your card layout onto large document and cut right out with scissors. Notice under for printable choices for Valentine’s, birthdays and anniversaries.

2. Compose the reward alternatives to the groups or kisses.

3. Fill out your group or center with bright crayon, coloring seriously over your publishing.

4. Thoroughly combine 2 teaspoon. acrylic color with 1 teaspoon. dish detergent.

5. Fill out the groups or kisses along with your color combination utilizing a little paintbrush.

6. Let dry.

While you reward it, do not neglect to are the penny — or fraction, if you should be experiencing extra good.

Obtain our printables!

Megan Tatem

Megan Tatem

Megan Tatem

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Kate Bennis

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