Stop Putting Hardwood Floors In Every Room

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I virtually totally blame genuine property programs when it comes to malady that is modern I’d like to call “Decor Generic-itis.” It’s marked by a distinct anxiety of making a mistake in one’s home decor scheme that leads to an fear that is almost paralyzing considering any decoration choice. Because of this, you standard to your trinity that almost every potential house buyer or makeover person lists on that demonstrate as must-haves: granite, stainless-steel, and hardwood floors.

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It’s not too these functions tend to be bad or tacky. They may not be. However these functions are not constantly just what match your life, character, or your home’s total design. Whenever arbitrarily included with a house, they are able to remove character, producing an odd look that is cookie-cutterthus the “generic” part of “Decor Generic-itis”). All interiors (regardless of the age of a home) can have an odd, similar look as a result. It is specially apparent an individual receives the concept to renovate their property to include hardwood floors.

i am maybe not referring to the gorgeous original hardwood floors that some lucky men and women uncover while remodeling, or even the flooring that was included with your house. I am referring to the folks just who, at the top of viewing marathons of home turning shows, chooses to change their particular flooring that is current with hardwood they can find on a whim. There are a few reasons why this decision should be rethought at best, and nixed at worst:

Hardwood floors are NOT a cure-all for property value.

Look, I’m not saying that they’ll make your home worth less. But it’s not going to be the detail that suddenly takes your house up in value to the next hundred-thousand bracket. You may recover your prices, yes. Particularly if you had bad ’80s carpeting in advance. Nonetheless it may seem like hardwood floors tend to be an expected function, so that they’re maybe not appreciated up to they had previously been.

Your home can echo like hell.

Any and all sorts of noise almost bounces from the pristine surface of hardwood floors, specially television sound. This really is just a very important thing whenever you rapidly set you back your kitchen for a snack in the exact middle of a mystery miniseries without pausing.

Not to say the click-click-click noise of little paws.


The sound is however difficulty in the event that you have carpeting if you go with tile, but not. But the bigger issue is scratches: Nothing like the threat of a floor that is ruined allow you to get current in your dog’s nail cutting needs.

It’s simpler to have a high-quality floor than a low-quality timber.

No a person’s budget is limitless, all things considered. Skimping on product can result in toughness issues (and sometimes even toxicity), not forgetting you love that you probably won’t get the stain or finish. You could usually discover higher-quality choices in flooring or tile for similar cost.

You’ll however require rugs to safeguard your flooring.


And big people, also. One of the most sights that are distracting Fixer Upper is that the rugs are always far too small for the space. It’s one of those very noticeable details, especially in an floor that is open.

It’s therefore high-maintenance.

You need to worry that you are utilizing the products that are wrong not waxing properly, you have to refinish it every few years, and you have to consider things like the moisture level in your home (too little and you’ll get gaps, too much and it’ll warp). Do you really want to have to get your floor its humidifier that is own for winter months? As well as along with of the considered and used towards the page, you will need to re-sand and resurface every 10 years.

You’ll come to be some of those “shoe folks.”

If you are familiar with removing your footwear whenever you head into your house, great. Or even, you will need to enter the routine. The reason why? It is not merely a dirt problem, but a damage issue that is possible. Consider this factoid that is little The nationwide Wood Flooring Association: “A 125-pound girl walking in high heel pumps with an exposed heel nail can use up to 8,000 pounds per square inch.” And also this pertains to those that put on hefty shoes, along side young ones just who constantly appear to forget to just take their cleats off after practice.

Squeaks and creaks.

Even A installation that is careful can’t constantly guarantee a squeak or creak-free outcome.

There tend to be attractive “other” choices now.


It familiar with be which you’d need certainly to buy high-end tile, low-end vinyl tile, and wall-to-wall which wasn’t the level of trendy (I think all domiciles when you look at the ’70s and ’80s had been expected to have that low-pile collect gold carpeting). Today, things have actually altered. You’ll find tile that seems just like the limed-wood area you’d your attention on, by way of example.

So until you’re fortunate to possess gorgeous wood that is original, or a budget and schedule for placing just a little additional treatment, maintain your floors as-is. Or take to another thing. Other things.

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