This DIY Rustic Cooler Made From an Old Fridge Will Be a Hit at Your Summer Parties

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Hosting a ton of men and women in your lawn may be a logistical experience, with individuals continuously working inside and out of your home, however with this brilliant DIY mega cooler, you are able to keep adequate products and food stocked outside to last the entire night (read: additional time for you really to just take pleasure in the celebration!).

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This fridge-to-cooler transformation from Matt2 Silver at Instructables looks expensive and difficult, but it is a lot easier than you had believe! The project should run you only $40 or so, and it doesn’t require any special tools beyond standard items like drills, drivers and saws if you’ve already got an old, broken fridge sitting in your garage. (Lacking an old fridge? They can be found by you on Craigslist for fairly inexpensive aswell, based on Matt2 gold.) The part that is best: The cooler conversion takes only a day or two from start to finish, so it makes for a nice weekend project!

The reclaimed wood for the outside of the cooler comes from wood pallets that you’ll need to break down and process to be the correct length. The refrigerator will need some dismantling that is easy essentially simply taking out fully the screws and taking out shelving and electronic devices (Matt2 gold includes an important note about maybe not cutting the Freon outlines). From here, you are able to color the ice box (just recommended if it is white and can show-through the timber), cover the most effective and edges with timber and include a base and casters so your cooler is lightweight. Most likely, it is additionally vital to just take this nice cooler anywhere you go to demonstrate it well, appropriate?!

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For last details, it is additionally vital to include line captures so that you could prop the lids up without all of them going too much, screw on some heavy-duty manages to both covers, and attach a chalkboard in order to label exactly what’s inside or write a unique message to your friends and relatives.

You may also make use of a mini refrigerator for a smaller-sized cooler which is perfect for a compact patio or deck. YouTube individual Elliott utilized dog-ear redwood fencing for siding on their converted mini cooler and advises staining or closing the timber with linseed oil or SuperDeck.




Making a mini cooler is a similar process — examine this video out for more details:

Get the full tutorial for the larger cooler conversion from Matt2 Silver at Instructables and the mini cooler tutorial from Elliott on YouTube. Already planning your summer that is big blowout? Take a look at our various other preferred tips for a excellent yard barbeque.

(h/t Instructables)

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