The Levator Scapulae Muscle And Neck Pain

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As we speak I will let you know a bit of story that occurred this morning and made me create this text. My neighbour texts me at 7am to ask if I might assist him, he awakened stiff and with a variety of ache in his neck. So I advised him to return and after a fast examination it was simple to understand that his Levator Scapulae was injured.

The Levator Sapulae is a muscle that primarily elevates the Scapula (shoulder blade). Its attachments are the transverses processes of C1 to C4 (first cervical vertebra to fourth cervical vertebra) to the medial border of the scapula, from the superior angle to the foundation of the backbone of the scapula.

As I’ve talked about earlier than it elevates the scapula but in addition extends the neck (on the spinal joints) and laterally flexes the neck (on the spinal joints). This muscle lies beneath the trapezius muscle in its inferior portion, and is deep to some neck muscle mass on its superior portion, the splenius capitis and the sternocleidomastoid.

So again to my depressing neighbour and his sore neck, I requested him what occurred, and he mentioned “oh, I feel its my pillow”. I do know he does a variety of desk work so his neck will get very tight, and perhaps a pillow that’s too excessive might make the scenario worse. The ache was capturing from the highest of the neck right down to his shoulder.

He could not flip his head to 1 facet and it was arduous to look down and up. No surprise why, these are all of the actions the levator scapula does. However why does it occur?

Laptop work is often the explanation. Sitting at a desk all day we get drained and after repeating the identical factor over and over, day after day, week after week, your muscle mass ultimately will get used to that posture and also you begin shedding mechanical performance. The muscle mass within the entrance of the neck (scalenes) and within the prime of the neck (sub occipitals) develop into quick, the pectoralis muscle mass (chest), biceps, deltoids (shoulder), sub scapularis and serratus anterior (beneath the arm and across the ribs) all get tight.

He most likely dehydrates within the workplace and that simply makes the scenario worse. Then no stretching, poor approach when exercising, unstable shoulders, and many others, and many others, and many others… Finally the physique offers up, one muscle fails, the remainder of the muscle mass in that space must compensate. If the levator scapulae will get an intense pull, the compensating muscle mass attempt to shield it and go into a powerful spasm, then there you go, damage, soreness, stiffness, frustration, ache killers, and many others.

Among the issues it’s important to know when it occurs.

1st: If it hurts if you cough or sneeze, you will have pulled a rib or a vertebra misplaced. You have to see an Osteopath.

2nd: If there may be solely restriction in vary of movement and a variety of ache, it’s going to take a very long time to heal and you must keep away from heavy workouts.


4th: observe up with stretches – this can be a superb one: sitting on a chair, the hand on the injured facet goes behind your again, shoulder down, and the pinnacle ought to go to the other shoulder.

fifth: if there may be stiffness within the morning, there could also be a little bit of irritation within the joint, ice for 20 min, 5min on, 5 min off. At night time you need to use a bit of warmth to chill out the muscle mass and convey blood to the world to heal the tissues.

sixth: In case your pillow is just too excessive, try to get one that’s low, just like the dodgy ones for youths. You too can try to sleep with no pillow for a few nights.

seventh: Meditation may also be good for individuals who cannot chill out once they go to mattress. Meditating if you go to mattress and if you get up may also help you let go of feelings that preserve your physique tense.

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