Assist! Separation anxiety has turned my baby into a tiny stalker

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Based on this BabyCenter article, separation anxiety “is a regular stage of emotional improvement that begins when infants start to know that issues and other people exist even after they’re not current.”

I describe it a little in another way. To me, separation anxiety implies that my darling baby boy has turned into a stage 5 clinger. Nothing however mommy will do. Which is beautiful…to a level.

It truly did occur in a single day. For a strong week all he wished was my husband. Daddy was hilarious. Cuddly. Most well-liked. He solely wished me when he was hungry. I’ll admit, I used to be unhappy. When he prolonged his chubby arms towards his father I longed to be the one he was reaching for.

And instantly the following morning I used to be. These arms reached for me…and by no means let go. Ever.

If I did handle to launch myself from his surprisingly sturdy baby grasp I needed to keep in his line of sight, ideally shut sufficient for him to maintain one hand on me always. And if I didn’t? I’d pay for it dearly with my ears, which might be punished by hysterical screaming and sobbing. It’s like he was in rivalry for the “Most Dramatic Baby” Oscar and his efficiency was a shoo-in to win.

Sounds unhappy, proper? And it’s. At first.

Baby with separation anxiety pulls down mom's pants while trying to crawl up her legs

I dropped every little thing and ran towards him like an Olympic sprinter, solely to have these hysterics cease on a dime, mid-sob, and get replaced with an ear-to-ear grin.

I realized rapidly that separation anxiety comes full with quite a few baby manipulation ways. And I just about fell for all of them the primary few weeks. Sure, I mentioned “first few weeks” as a result of we at the moment are at month three of this and it’s displaying no signal of stopping.

Some days it may be so unhealthy that if I’m even sitting subsequent him it’s not sufficient. He has to be on my lap or inside the confines of my arms. Whereas I make his breakfast I’ll strive placing him within the walker that’s actually touching my legs and he’ll have a look at me as if to say, “Not a probability, girl. Maintain me.”

I’ve additionally needed to change into an professional at utilizing the lavatory one handed so I can maintain him with the opposite.

Add in his current chilly, and at some point final week I used to be coated in snot, pee, spit up and had a youngster Velcroed to my physique. By the point my husband bought residence I barely made it to the bed room earlier than I began crying in exhaustion. I needed to crawl behind my son simply to get to the bathe as a result of as quickly as he noticed me he began screaming and reaching for me. And it breaks my coronary heart to say that I simply wanted a break.

Yesterday he was attempting in earnest to crawl up my legs. He wrapped his arms round my calf and tried to swing his tiny leg behind my heel, like a koala making ready to ascend a eucalyptus tree. Besides my youngster is just not a koala and at 9 months outdated he’s incapable of climbing a tree. As an alternative he pulled my pants down.

I’m satisfied he’s attempting to crawl again inside me. However I’ve to inform him, “Honey… you truly didn’t come out that method. And so they sewed up your exit gap again on the hospital.”

Baby with separation anxiety tried to crawl up mother's legs

And simply when he pushes me to the sting, after I start to surprise if any mom has taken out a restraining order to maintain her stalker baby at the least 500 ft away from her, he goes all the way down to nap. I have a look at him on the monitor and my coronary heart swells. I miss feeling him in my arms.

Separation anxiety could be mutual, I understand. I discover myself craving these chubby fingers that at all times appear to achieve instantly for my hair, tugging and pulling it out. The cheeks that really feel like dense clouds. These lips which might be at all times shiny with drool.

“It really works each methods, my baby,” I whisper. “I want you additionally.”

I take a deep breath and switch towards the sofa the place I plan to recharge earlier than the following spherical of togetherness that may resume when he awakens from his nap.

However earlier than I stroll away I flip again to the monitor and make one final plea.

“Possibly simply don’t pull down Mommy’s pants anymore… okay?”

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