The 7 stages of waiting to take a pregnancy test

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Whenever you’re waiting to see in the event you’re pregnant, the times go by so, so slowly.

pregnancy test cartoon

1. The “Pffft! It’s no huge deal” stage.

pregnancy test cartoon

What’s there actually to stress out about, anyhow? Individuals get pregnant and have infants each single day all the world over. I imply, it doesn’t occur to you on a regular basis, however it’s nonetheless a completely regular factor! Nothing to freak out about right here.

By no means thoughts that it’s a fully life-altering occasion to develop into a father or mother, that it’s solely a complete new human being probably being created, you’re cool, calm and picked up. Nip, nope. Not going to obsess over it!!!

2. The “Simply in case” mentality.

pregnancy test cartoon

One wouldn’t need to out of the blue discover themselves pregnant and don’t have any clue about the place to get maternity garments. And child garments. And a crib. And people teensy-tiny socks!

It’d be foolish not to have a Pinterest web page arrange, you already know, simply in case.

three. “Is it time but?!” exasperation.

pregnancy test cartoon

Have you learnt who doesn’t wait round for something today? You, me and everybody else!

We don’t look forward to the climate forecast to come on the night information, to get to a laptop to examine our electronic mail, and even to converse to our pals to know what they’ve been up to. We’ve received telephones, Fb and apps for all of that.

What do we would like? All the things, at all times!

And when do we would like it? NOW!

Significantly, if somebody may work out a approach to work out how that sperm and egg are getting together with all that fluffy uterine lining, that’d be nice. Thanks.

four. The “I-have-no-self-control-and-tested-early” stage.

pregnancy test cartoon

Hopes are up, rational pondering shoved apart.

“What if I miscalculated the dates?” you ask your self. “What if I ovulated that day, as an alternative of the opposite?” “What if they are saying wait two weeks to test simply to err on the facet of giving it longer than crucial?!”

Unhappy, scared, irritated. Loopy how one little pink line, slightly than two, can blast a vary of feelings coursing via a individual.

And one way or the other you simply know the intercourse didn’t work. You’re not pregnant.

5. The “It didn’t depend!” comeback.

pregnancy test cartoon

In a rush you go into secrecy mode. Wrapping the cursed pregnancy test in rest room paper, then concealing the packaging and directions in a plastic bag you bury it within the garbage can. If there’s no proof it didn’t occur, proper?

Give a huge hug to denial, your new finest good friend.

6. The “I’m so drained/nauseous/bloated — I have to be pregnant!” stage.

pregnancy test cartoon

Stomach feeling a bit spherical? Breasts barely sore and face a tad puffy? Barely nauseous, had a loopy dream and are nonetheless drained?

OMG, it has to be!

(Under no circumstances may it probably be common menstrual bloating and breast tenderness, or water retention from the dozen or so garlic breadsticks you devoured the evening earlier than. It’s not potential gorging on pasta till you had to roll out of the restaurant left your abdomen a mess and led to a fitful evening’s sleep…leaving you craving a nap. It simply isn’t.)

7. The “Oh, shit. It’s lastly, actually time” realization.

pregnancy test cartoon

pregnancy test cartoon

pregnancy test cartoon

(Yep, I doodle now. New tips at 36…who knew? In the event you’d like to observe alongside, you will discover my purple-haired good friend on Instagram.)

Photos by Sara McGinnis

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