The 8 weirdest pieces of pregnancy advice you never asked for

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Ever discover that everybody has an opinion about your pregnancy? The couple sitting subsequent to you on the OB workplace, the girl standing in line behind you at Chick-fil-A, to not point out coworkers and your mom, of course. A lot advice that it turns into overwhelming. Some of it appears to date on the market it’s laborious to imagine that somebody really simply mentioned that to you.

I believed it might be enjoyable to ask some of my mother buddies what the craziest advice they got whereas pregnant. Some shared advice that was cultural, different notions had been handed down from technology to technology of their household. Listed below are some of the very best.

“Don’t carry your arms over your head, it stretches the umbilical twine too tight.”

“Don’t use a mobile phone, it may give the infant radiation poisoning.”

“Don’t sleep an excessive amount of or the infant can be lazy.”

“Don’t sweep or stand rocking side-to-side.”

“Consuming spicy meals will lead to a full head of hair for child.”

“Don’t put on flip flops.”

“Rub sandpaper in your nipples to prepare for breastfeeding.”

“Eat all of your cravings or the infant can be born with a birthmark.”

“Ingesting chilly water helps your stomach keep spherical.”

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