This DIY Fidget Spinner Is So Much Prettier Than the Store-Bought Kind

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Fidget spinners are in every single place as of late. And right here at Good Housekeeping, we love placing a artful spin on the newest traits, so Jenny W. Chan of Origami Tree helped us create a DIY model with cardboard, cash and beads.


  • Pencil ($three for field of 12,
  • Sheet of cardboard, reduce into two 2.75″ by 2.75″ squares
  • 4 nickels
  • One dime
  • Washi tape ($7 for 10 rolls,
  • Flower elaborations ($three,
  • Scissors ($6 for set of two,
  • Ruler ($four for set of four,
  • Craft glue ($four,
  • Needle ($5 for set of 25,
  • Wire ($four,
  • 4 small beads ($11 for equipment,
  • Spherical nostril pliers ($5,
  • Wire cutters ($7,


1. Draw a vertical and horizontal line by the middle of the cardboard sq. to create 4 equal elements.

2. Heart a nickel on prime of the cardboard sq., utilizing the strains from the first step as a suggestion. Hint semi-circles with a pen or pencil. Repeat on all 4 sides.

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three. Join the semicircles with diagonal strains.

Kate Bennis

four. Draw a circle at the middle of the cardboard sq. by tracing a dime.

5. Hint two nickels onto a separate sheet of cardboard and reduce out the items. These shall be the middle covers.

6. Reduce out the fidget spinner template.

7. Add a splash of shade to the sample, middle covers and 4 nickels by wrapping them with washi tape.

Kate Bennis

eight. Glue nickels onto the template to create 4 balanced weights, one at every finish.

Kate Bennis

9. Utilizing a needle, pierce a gap by the middle of the template and the two middle covers.

10. Insert your first bead into the pin, adopted by the first middle cowl, a second bead, the template, a 3rd bead, the second middle cowl, and at last, the fourth bead.

11. Safe with spherical nostril pliers.

Kate Bennis

12. Trim off extra wire with a aspect cutter or wire cutter.

13. Adorn with floral elaborations.

14. Spin!

Editor’s notice: This challenge accommodates small items and is not secure for younger kids.

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