Are my kids too young to dye their hair crazy colours?

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Ever since I began dying my hair vibrant colours — first teal and now pink — my two young kids have begged to add pops of shade to their hair, too.

dying kids hair

“Can I’ve blue hair?” my 5-year-old son requested excitedly after I lately got here dwelling with fuchsia tresses.

“I would like pink hair!” exclaimed his Three-year-old sister.

They need to be similar to mama, it appears, solely with their favourite colours.

“Perhaps while you’re just a little older,” is my standard reply.

kids dying hair

Fact be instructed, I’ve thought of letting them do it. I imply, it’s simply hair in spite of everything. They’re little and it’s enjoyable. And it could solely be momentary dye — which washes out in a few weeks. Plus, it could be a fantastic incentive for good conduct. What’s the hurt?

Besides that little voice at the back of my head begins chiming in. “No, folks will suppose it’s horrible parenting.” “They’re method too young to have crazy hair.” “Is that even ‘allowed’ at college?” Spoiler: My son’s gown code doesn’t say something particularly about hair shade. Simply that their clothes/look shouldn’t be ‘distracting.’ I feel we may completely get away with just a little blue in his hair.

So what’s stopping me, then? Why am I so anxious about what different dad and mom would possibly suppose?

As a lot as I take pleasure in doing my personal factor in life and pretending like I give zero effs about how strangers understand my household, I do care to some extent. Sadly, non-conventional hair shade may be considered by some in the identical gentle as piercings or tattoos: An act of revolt, otherness, “bizarre.” My kids aren’t conscious of this. Nonetheless, I don’t essentially need these snap judgments thrust in their route at such a young age.

Perhaps I ought to observe this mama’s lead, and simply go for it. Or, possibly I’m making the suitable selection for my kids at this level.

Within the meantime, my son is completely getting these washable hair chalk pens for his birthday.

kids hair chalk pens

You realize, simply to check out the waters of getting crazy-haired-kids earlier than we dive right into a salon expertise.

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