Breast milk bake sale brownies? I'm calling BS

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Look, I’m down with breastfeeding. I’ve nursed three children for no less than 15 months every. I’ve made breast milk ice pops for my child. And I’m completely accepting of the thought of adults consuming breast milk, or making ice cream/different attention-grabbing meals with human milk. Breast milk is superior.

However what one mother allegedly did together with her milk is so not superior.

An nameless publish on the Sanctimommy Fb web page featured a mother who had run out of milk for a brownie recipe, so she determined to substitute breast milk. Which is okay. EXCEPT, the brownies had been for a bake sale at her little one’s faculty. And he or she didn’t inform anybody.

“I want some recommendation. I made brownies for my faculty bake sale that had breast milk in them,” the publish reads. “I didn’t have time to run to the shop and didn’t assume it was a giant deal (a few of these children might use the diet, let’s be trustworthy). And it wasn’t even that a lot. One of many different mothers came upon and (is) blowing it method out of proportion. Idk what to do! Any ideas? :(“

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I imply, is that this for actual? Critically. 1) Conventional brownie recipes don’t name for milk. 2) I believe most nursing mothers understand slipping breast milk into unsuspecting strangers’ meals is a giant no-no. three) How would anybody even know concerning the swap, except she was the one who let it slip? I’m calling BS.

Nonetheless, the publish has managed to draw hundreds of entertaining responses — starting from outrage to actual zingers.

One commenter wrote: “‘Susan. These brownies are DELISH! What’s in them? ‘


One other was furious: “Truthfully that is truly a rattling close to prison offense! Breast milk, like blood or semen, can carry ailments, which is why legit donation providers display screen the milk earlier than passing it alongside to mothers and their infants. Secretly feeding kids that aren’t yours baked items together with your bodily fluids in them in gross, shady and borderline psychotic. Wait, not borderline, it’s full-blown psychotic. I’d punch this b**** proper within the throat for this shit. I don’t care if the attainable dangerous ailments ‘baked out.’ This sanctimonious psycho must be slapped.”

One other was wholly unimpressed: “As soon as she makes use of her personal eggs, then she will be able to brag about diet. Novice.”

“Effectively if these different mothers would breastfeed their children all the best way through school, I wouldn’t need to complement their diet, now would I?” one other snarked.

 “Allow us to spare a second of silence for the youngsters of Booby Crocker,” one wrote.

“‘So anyway, we’re pondering of fixing subsequent yr’s fundraiser to a automotive wash.’” -Each PTA president within the continental United States,” yet one more identified.

breast milk brownies

However in case some mother on the market truly did use breast milk in her bake sale brownies with out warning anybody, let’s all agree on this proper right here and now, breastfeeding mamas: Simply no.

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