I should have thought more about birth control when I was pregnant

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My husband and I used to joke when I was pregnant that we had been “two and thru.” As a lot as we love our son and daughter, we’ve all the time agreed that we solely wished to have two kids.

Once we had hassle conceiving my youngest baby, we even decided that we’d be okay with only one. I’ve skilled some anxiousness when pondering about getting pregnant once more as a consequence of a tough being pregnant and difficult c-section. I don’t know the way I would deal with it.

Throughout one among my final prenatal visits, my physician introduced up the topic of birth control. On the time, I was able to pop and barely managing to make easy choices. Deciding on the birth control technique I would use was past the scope of what I may assume about within the second. She went on and on about completely different choices. I may take a tablet. I may get a shot. So many decisions!

I left her workplace that day with out making a call, and every week later when she introduced it up once more I felt like I should a minimum of begin pondering about it. I requested my family and friends on Fb what they had been utilizing for birth control. My physician had given me some pamphlets, so I learn them and talked to my husband about what we should select.

I needed to decide

When my interval began once more simply three weeks postpartum, I knew I couldn’t delay making a selection any longer. After doing all of that analysis (and my husband saying no to a vasectomy), I determined to go the pure household planning route. The thought of not taking hormones or getting an injection appealed to me. I have expertise monitoring my cycle from when I was making an attempt to conceive. Pure household planning could be an excellent match for me.

Then, three months postpartum, I awoke at some point feeling nauseous.

No manner. NO WAY.

You guys, I freaked out. I couldn’t be pregnant! Not once more! Not already!

I informed my closest associates and requested them to please pray that it was a false alarm. Infants are blessings. I had such a tough time getting pregnant earlier than that I should have been a minimum of a bit excited. However I wasn’t. Significantly guys, that final being pregnant was HARD.

I made my option to the pharmacy to select up a take a look at and bumped into the toilet when I bought house to take it.

It was unfavourable.

I took the second take a look at to make sure. Damaging once more.

Speak about relieved!

Apparently I should be utilizing one other type of birth control throughout this wacky hormonal time in my life. Though I have been getting my interval, it’s nonetheless not common sufficient to actually observe my fertility. I vaguely keep in mind somebody telling me that whereas I was pregnant, however now it’s positively a lesson that’s ingrained in my mind!

The place are we now? I have an appointment in a number of days to get birth control capsules. I’m grateful to have the ability to be in command of my fertility, and I’m going to honor that duty more deeply now.

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