Pickles and Ice Cream: The most bizarre cook book you've ever seen

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Ah, being pregnant cravings. They creep up on you on the most inopportune occasions. Like 1 a.m. When the considered consuming anything makes your abdomen churn, your thoughts fixates on the one — or a wierd mixture of issues –that appears palatable. There’s the outdated cliché pickles and ice cream, after all. However, apparently, there’s a smorgasbord’s value of different wacky meals cravings on the market.

Pickles and Ice Cream: A Bizarre Being pregnant Craving Cook Book illustrates this completely. This tongue-in-cheek masterpiece gives up 61 of the craziest meals moms-to-be have truly longed for. Every recipe was photographed like a gourmand dish — and get this — truly taste-tested by the authors, Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus and Juarez Rodrigues. You already know, so that you don’t need to.

“We frequently get requested if we made a number of the cravings up. Nope. Each single is actual, real craving from an actual, real pregnant girl,” Jacobs-Ebbinghaus advised BabyCenter. “All through the book there are quotes and tales from the ladies whose cravings are featured. It’s fascinating and actually humorous to listen to the tales behind the bizarre and great dishes. And this was additionally part of making the book that we actually loved — assembly and speaking with all these wonderful ladies.”

weird pregnancy craving recipes

Right here’s only a sampling of the hormone-influenced taste combos this hilarious book has to supply:

• Toothpaste Oreos: “The solely factor higher than chocolate and mint collectively is having a cookie that brushes your enamel for you.”

weird pregnancy cravings

• Bacon Mars Bar burger: “It’s fairly loopy, however the good sort. Not the one which runs after you in a masks with a series noticed.”

• Burnt matches: “The head tastes like garlicky egg and the remaining tastes like nothing. All in all, the expertise isn’t horrible. Sadly, the identical can’t be mentioned in your breath afterward.”

weird cravings during pregnancy

• Popcorn on a mattress of sauerkraut: “It’s not any worse than sauerkraut by itself.”

• Sausage and jam: “We had excessive hopes for this one. So you would say, that is what disappointment tastes like.”

• Choc-olive cake: “The excellent birthday cake in your enemies.”

weird pregnancy craving

• Buttered watermelon: “The butter takes the fragile freshness of the watermelon to new heights . . . and then pushes it off them, utterly annihilating any hint of it.”

• Medley of soaps: “Don’t do that. Ever. Ignoring this warning isn’t like ignoring the expiration date on a yogurt. It’s like ignoring the warning of the lifeguard on seaside who tells you to not enter the shark-infested waters.”

• Orange slices with tomato sauce glaze: “The true evil on this dish is that it catches you unaware. Who doesn’t like oranges? Who doesn’t like ketchup? What hurt might there be in placing them collectively? Why have I misplaced the desire to reside?”

weird pregnancy craving

After I was anticipating my first baby, Cheez-Its had been my go-to snack. And since I felt nauseous every time I wasn’t consuming one thing, I devoured a number of containers each week. (I attempted to modify to the diminished fats sort, nevertheless it simply wasn’t the identical.) For my second being pregnant, Pringles potato crisps had been my jam. And for my third baby, it was Kosher dill pickles — and all the things else pickle-related, like dill pickle-flavored potato chips and fried pickles at eating places.

And one craving specifically popped up once more and once more whereas incubating all three of my youngsters — Taco Bell. Fortunately, my husband was a trooper when it got here to late-night T-Bell runs. He’s a sensible man. As a result of there’s just one factor crazier than a being pregnant craving, and that’s a hangry, pregnant mama.

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