The 2-word status update that's making Internet blood boil

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It occurs on a regular basis. I’m taking part in round on social media as a result of I don’t have something higher to do as a working mom-of-three (ha!), and I see one: a status update that’s so annoying, my eyes roll virtually involuntarily. “Actually?” I feel. “Your life is that excellent?”

It appears I’m not alone in my rage/contempt/resentment/annoyance. In a current thread on Mumsnet, individuals expressed their outright outrage over these two little phrases generally used on Instagram and Fb: “Feeling blessed.”

“You’re not blessed. You’re glad. Shut up!” railed one person in response to a remark that posited the status update as essentially the most irritating mixture of phrases ever.

One other opined that the phrase “feeling blessed” ought to solely be used when the individual is non secular.

“The halo over your head since you’re feeling blessed is so brilliant I’m squinting and my eyes are hurting,” one commenter joked.

“#Feelingblessed makes me need to vomit,” one other seethed.

Others weighed in with phrases that rubbed them the fallacious method, like “making reminiscences,” as a result of, faux, and, apparently, “boob to sleep” is a status update that makes many mother and father need to deactivate their social media accounts.

In all, 426 feedback adopted in response to the unique thread that known as out “feeling blessed.”

I’ll admit I don’t notably go off after I see these phrases used collectively. Add a prayer-hands emoji, after which I’m a little bit extra more likely to utter an “ugh.”

However “feeling blessed” doesn’t irritate me almost as a lot as when Fb “associates” write about their excellent day/night time/afternoon/morning/week/trip. As in “Excellent night!” As a result of, woman, we all know that’s not even true!

An ideal second? Positive. The entire night? BS! You imply your child didn’t whine/endure a diaper explosion/throw his meals/have a mood tantrum? Otherwise you didn’t really feel fats/get irritated by your partner/get a determined textual content from the sitter who can’t put the child to mattress/need to kill your brother-in-law? Right here’s me, not believing you.

I additionally hate when individuals add hashtags to silly crap, like #goodmorning. Severely? And after I see pics of meals, I would need to throw my cellphone/laptop computer off a cliff. However that’s simply me.

A so annoying status update

Oh, and whereas we’re on the subject of annoying-as-you-know-what social media updates, can we simply discuss when somebody posts about their dwelling biz and the way wonderful a product is and that it modified their life? Yeah, that’s a complete weblog submit all by itself. As a result of everyone knows breakfast meals leggings could make each drawback in your life disappear! C’mon!

I feel finally, everybody simply hates humble brags, and “feeling blessed,” and the numerous tiresome status updates mentioned right here (“hitting the gymnasium!”), are completely that. It feels false, and faux, and manufactured, and try-too-hard. That being stated, we’re all responsible of doing it at one level or one other. So, oh effectively.

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