11 parents of kids who did weird things report how they turned out

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Little kids are recognized for having large imaginations and a disregard for what’s “regular,” however when does a mum or dad begin to fear?

Lots of are discussing that matter because of Reddit consumer bigjamg asking, “Parents of Reddit with older kids, what’s one thing weird or unusual your child did as a younger little one that made you assume they have been going to develop as much as be a whacko however they turned out wonderful?”

A have a look at just some of the replies that got here flooding in…

1. AmorphicMike: My Four-year-old used to bang his head on the ground when he bought mad. Arduous. Now he’s 20 and in faculty getting an engineering diploma.

2. serinaluna: My daughter had terrifying evening terrors when she was about 2. She get out of mattress within the center of the evening and stand on the high of the steps screaming like somebody was murdering her. She’d stare on the backside of the steps like one thing was there. If I bought too shut or too far-off from her, she’d scream louder.

She doesn’t keep in mind this and is completely wonderful now.

Three. Hyperlink-to-the-Pastiche: The espresso pot was lacking. My spouse discovered it in our daughter’s room crammed with urine. The daughter stated, “It’s for an experiment” after which checked out my spouse she had simply requested the stupidest query anybody had ever give you.

Anyway stated daughter did stay a bit of an oddball, however has since grown up into a reasonably regular particular person. For probably the most half anyway.

Four. TheMarkHasBeenMade: My little cousin insisted on sporting costumes daily from the time he was, like, Four, till he was, like, 7…They’d attempt to get him to put on regular garments, however earlier than lengthy he’d be costumed.

When he stopped sporting the costumes he doubled down his give attention to power coaching for hockey. Requested for a Bowflex for his eighth birthday and had a six pack of abs earlier than his subsequent birthday (we swam on a regular basis so he was at all times in a washing go well with and a 6 pack is tremendous apparent on a child).

Lately he’s being recruited for the NHL.

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5. nice-try-but-I-win: My youngest brother is 6 years youthful than me. My parents coddled him. At age 6, he would throw a mood tantrum like a Three-year-old if my mother didn’t make him cinnamon toast, so she’d make it for him. He had a wierd behavior of chewing on the carpet on the steps, any toothbrush he might discover, the comb on the snow scraper, even the bathroom brush. By no means did determine out why.

He ended up in enterprise college, labored at a financial institution for some time after which took over the enterprise from my parents and is totally minted now. Bought married and has Three excellent kids. I wouldn’t have thought that rising up, however I assume kids are simply unusual.

6. zerbey: My eldest has an imaginary good friend named Xavier. He claimed that he was a ghost that lived in his play room and he would sit having lengthy conversations with him. It was actually fucking creepy and we began questioning whether or not or not he had psychological points.

He stopped mentioning him shortly after he began preschool and began hanging out with kids his personal age. He says he doesn’t even keep in mind having an imaginary good friend now and is your typical moody teenager.

7. HarleyQ: Once I was a toddler I used to be simply satisfied of things my older cousins informed me. One of them satisfied me that you simply say hiya by barking.

For months my mom needed to endure me barking at folks at any time when they’d converse to me. I’d typically sit on the underneath half of procuring carts like a canine laying down and simply bark at strangers.
She was mortified for months and dreaded bringing me in public.

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eight. Queen_Lizzie_Rose: My daughter used to decrease her voice to a growl and name it her satan voice. She would torment different kids with this a lot to her delight. I believed for certain she can be a sociopath or one thing. Nope, she’s simply wonderful and well-adjusted.

9. yxwdtwsmlk: I’m not a mum or dad however my brother used to get pleasure from ripping butterfly wings out only for enjoyable and I believed he’d be a possible serial killer… now he’s the softest factor that cries over canine films and may’t even damage a fly.

10. mtns22: My little brother use to bang his head on the ground or partitions when he bought upset about something. He simply began faculty and appears wonderful to me now, lol.

11. Malzypants: I walked on my tiptoes till about age eight, and I’d write and draw within the air on a regular basis with my finger.

I’m completely regular; married with two kids and knowledgeable author. I’m unsure why I did it, however typically I nonetheless catch myself writing within the air randomly. Shrug.

That final one hit dwelling for me, as a result of my second son grew to become Zoboomafoo obsessed in preschool. You understand, the PBS present with the lemur?

In case you possibly can’t fairly recall, right here’s a visible of how my son insisted on strolling — no, make that leaping — all over the place for the great half of a 12 months:

Then someday he simply stopped. I’m clearly glad he’s not nonetheless doing it at age 11, however I do miss it a little bit bit. There’s one thing about the way in which little kids do what they need, regardless of social norms, that’s a bit enviable.

Pictures by UnSplash/Hannah Tasker, Vance Osterhout, Christian Gertenbach

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