7 kid questions that are impossible to answer

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“Dad, why is your tail within the entrance? And why is it so bushy?” One mother shares her expertise in search of recommendation on how to answer her 2- or Three-year-old daughter’s query about Dad’s “tail.”


This story is priceless. I really like these exhausting and awkward questions kids ask their mother and father — however principally solely when it’s taking place to another person. Whether or not a toddler’s query is straight-up hilarious or completely profound, I’m beginning to understand my kids usually go away me clueless. And speechless. As a author and speaker, that is fairly ironic and sudden.

Right here are a number of the exhausting questions requested by my kids and others I don’t know how to answer.

1. What number of is infinity?
As a toddler, I as soon as requested my mother what number of bushes there have been on the earth. Why? I don’t know. Her answer was “infinity.” I pushed her for MONTHS, “So, precisely what number of is that? What quantity would you say that is, when you had to put a quantity on it?”

Her answer didn’t suffice. As a result of, even now, after I consider “infinity” I consider a planet being overtaken by bushes. And whereas my mother’s answer actually didn’t answer my query, I nonetheless can’t consider a greater approach to clarify it if my youngsters ask me this exact same query.

2. My bestie’s son as soon as watched her altering her pad in a public restroom and requested her, “Mother, why do you put on diapers?” How do you clarify it’s not a diaper with out having to go into nice element about intervals? And that opens up a complete different ball of wax.

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Three. “Mother, why are you bleeding? Are you harm?” Talking of intervals, this one requested by one among my boys has made me begin locking the door when I’m taking good care of my female wants. By the way in which, my answer was, “Ummm. Form of?”

Four. “Mother, do solely grandmas and grandpas die, or do youngsters die too?” This was my newest speechless second with my little Frankie. With my expertise with dying as a toddler, I didn’t need to scare him. However, I didn’t need to lie both. Fortunately, a distraction got here up earlier than I may consider an enough answer. I’m at present making an attempt to put together myself for when it comes up once more, however I’m nonetheless stumped.

question from kids

5. “When will I develop tall sufficient to lick my penis?” This query got here out of a Four-year-old. His mother says, “I didn’t have the center to break it to him and simply requested if he needed extra bubbles.”

6. “Mother, why does so-and-so not have a mommy/daddy?” This query is very difficult when you are unfamiliar with the child-in-question’s dwelling association.

7. “Why doesn’t Jimmy have this? Why does Tommy have this and I can’t? Was I naughty?” When kids begin to distinguish the haves vs. the have-nots is a troublesome time. How do you clarify to kids that possessions don’t essentially imply that you are good/dangerous and that simply because one baby has one thing doesn’t imply everybody ought to have it? Particularly when society tells us otherwise?

There are so many, many tough questions kids ask, bless their hearts. How on earth are we supposed to answer them honestly with out destroying their childhood?

Personally, I’m not certain. I’ll report as quickly as I’ve all of the solutions.

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