Inspiring photo: Baby born 2 days after mom survived Las Vegas shootings

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A baby boy, born just two days after his mom survived the Las Vegas massacre, has been photographed to represent much-needed hope following a senseless tragedy.

Shiran at MBF Photography captured the peacefully sleeping little Wyatt wearing a cowboy hat and cradling a miniature guitar, while snoozing on a tiny antique bed above the words, “Vegas Strong,” in bright lights.

Baby born after mom survives Las Vegas shooting

The inspiring image was shared on Facebook, where it promptly went viral.

“Meet Baby Wyatt!” Shiran announced in the post, and then went on to explain, “This Vegas Strong baby was born October 3rd, two days after the Las Vegas mass shooting. Wyatt’s parents, Markie Coffer and Travis Matheson attended the Route 91 Country Music Festival. They were excited to see Jason Aldean, the headliner. That’s when the shooting started. Wyatt’s parents made it safely to a local hospital where Wyatt was delivered just two days later.”

The post ends with these moving words about baby Wyatt: “He is a beacon of hope.” And, “He is our Vegas Strong baby.”

Baby born after Vegas shootings

You can watch a sweet behind-the-scenes video of the photo session below. As you will see, the mood is understandably somber but adoring on the set.

Shiran told BabyCenter about how the Vegas Strong photo happened: “After the shooting, I ordered [the lettering] to display in my studio’s front window.” When she heard about this family, she offered them a complimentary newborn session.

“I see that sweet boy as the light of our town,” the photographer also told us. “His mom was able to save her life and his by surviving that terrible day. She is a hero! I can’t even imagine being 40 weeks pregnant and running for your life.”

According to Shiran, the mama’s brother was shot in the shoulder that awful day, and is still recovering. She added that Wyatt’s dad was still wearing his purple festival bracelet the day the photos of his newborn son were taken.

I can only imagine that baby Wyatt has provided his parents with much joy and comfort in the wake of such a shocking trauma. In his innocent eyes, there is hope for a very bright future. “Out of the darkness we are finding our light again!” Shiran adds.

Baby born after mom survives Vegas massacre

And thanks to her photo, the world gets to see that Las Vegas is stronger than ever.

Find MBF Photography on Instagram and Facebook.

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