Stunning new #TreeOfLife brelfies aim to normalize breastfeeding

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Despite the many efforts of moms around the world, it seems breastfeeding women are still not only misunderstood, but continue getting shamed for the normal, natural act of feeding their babies. In another attempt to normalize and celebrate breastfeeders everywhere, the photo editing app PicsArt teamed up with the online breastfeeding support group, Breastfeeding Mama Talk, to create more stunningly-beautiful #TreeOfLife brelfies (breastfeeing selfies).

Over 13,000 mamas participated in this in-app challenge inviting women to share their brelfies edited with the magical special effects of the app.

New brelfies aim to normalize breastfeeding

You may recall when #TreeOfLife brelfies went viral last year. We shared some of our favorite edits here on the BabyCenter blog at that time. Since then, more and more mamas have used PicsArt to create and share their own breastfeeding works of art.

Below is one of the best edits I have seen from among the many whimsical #TreeofLife brelfies ever shared online.

Beautiful brelfies aim to normalize breastfeeding

I love how this intimate, magical bonding moment was edited to look almost like a painting you would see in a museum. And that’s what I love about this edit challenge in general; it not only aims to normalize breastfeeding, but these images go a step further in that they celebrate the beauty of a mom doing something only she can do for her baby.

Or, babies…

Stunning brelfies hope to normalize breastfeeding

So from the everyday, “normal” moments moms breastfeed…

Real-life breast-feeding moments normalize the practice

… to the photos that clearly took a bit of work to set up, say, with a parasol, every moment moms love and bond and feed their sweet babies is worth celebrating. Whether they are breastfeeding, bottle feeding, pumping, or doing all of the above. In the end, I believe if we give more attention to beautiful images like these than to those who choose to shame moms for any reason, we can normalize breastfeeding and silence any outside noise.

To learn how to create your own #TreeOfLife edits with PicsArt, click here.

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