The reasons behind your children' funniest, most ridiculous tantrums

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Little children freak out concerning the strangest issues.

For instance, my daughter is a fairly good-natured woman, however there’s one factor that has all the time been assured to ship her into a complete tantrum: Freeze dance.

Sure, freeze dance.

It began in preschool. Story-time, dress-up, sing-alongs, parachute time – she beloved all of them. However as quickly because the trainer threw a recreation of freeze dance into the combination, my often pleased Four-year-old misplaced it. She was inconsolable. As the opposite children danced and froze, she melted to the ground and cried. Each. Single. Time.

I attempted for a lot of months to attempt to coax her out of this odd resistance, however with no success. Ultimately, I simply accepted the truth that freeze dance was positively not her jam, and left it at that.

Does this sound acquainted? Your youngster’s explicit pet peeve will not be freeze dance, however likelihood is there’s one thing that, whereas it will not be an enormous deal to you, looks like the tip of the world to him. Mother and father on the social media website Reddit lately shared a few of the weird issues that make their children pitch a match. From snacks minimize mistaken to pets named mistaken, listed below are a few of my favorites…

Daughter was about 2 and had meltdown that my canine, who died earlier than she was born, wasn’t named Taylor.

My daughter put her cracker on a plate. Put the plate on the ground. Known as the canine over and advised him to eat. Thennnnnnn she sobbed as a result of the canine ate her cracker.

Shaved my beard off in entrance of my child. I end, rinse my face and he freaks. Spouse needed to take two days off work as a result of he was so frightened of this stranger together with his dad’s voice.

We’ve been going to the identical diner since earlier than my son was born. As soon as he was sufficiently old we began getting him a Mickey Mouse pancake. Sooner or later pancake arrives and husband began reducing it up, all customary process. Then he flipped out and cried on my shoulder your entire meal that he was consuming Mickey. He was so hungry however so unhappy to eat Mickey.

My good friend’s son was bragging that he may eat his cookie sooner than anybody else — then was tremendous indignant that they nonetheless had a few of their cookie when his was all gone.

When my ladies have been 2 and three, they have been within the bathtub collectively. My spouse stepped out briefly to take care of a poop-soaked 1-year-old, and shortly after heard blood curdling screams.
She bumped into the lavatory, to search out the 2-year-old sobbing.
“What’s mistaken, honey?”
“Bekah ate all my faux birthday cake. All of it!”
The Three-year-old nods, and says “yup.”

Mine isn’t a toddler but, however at Three my niece had a multi-round, epic, whole meltdown as a result of she actually wished go swimming … however didn’t need to get moist.

[My daughter] flipped out as a result of I used to be singing the phrases to “Previous MacDonald” within the automotive together with her. And he or she thought the lyrics have been completely different so she began freaking out and screaming “That’s not proper, you’re saying it mistaken, you’re ruining my life!” I requested her what the proper lyrics have been and he or she wouldn’t sing it. She requested that I sing it the best method and I began singing it accurately once more and it became a vicious cycle.

My cat wouldn’t let my daughter go up the steps first.

When my son was Four, we have been an outdated e-book concerning the planets at a e-book retailer. I casually talked about that Pluto was now not thought-about a planet and he burst into tears and cried and cried for over ten minutes. We lastly found out that he didn’t need Pluto to be lonely.

Spouse purchased my daughter fairy wings to put on to the renaissance pageant. She flipped out when she couldn’t fly.

Husband thought he’d make dinnertime enjoyable. He used toothpicks and minimize up some scorching canines to make a little bit cave. He known as it the Batcave since 4yo likes Batman. It was unappreciated. Our toddler took one look and burst out crying. He was not pleased as a result of that was not how the new canines have been purported to be served.

She wished me to show off the sunshine, which I couldn’t, for the reason that mild was the solar.

I beloved studying these as a result of they reassured me that my freeze dance-loathing youngster isn’t alone. Children are simply bizarre! Power in numbers!

A variety of these really sounded fairly acquainted. Eager to go swimming, then screaming as a result of she’s moist, for example. Been there. Wanting a snack, then screaming as a result of stated snack is minimize in triangles as an alternative of squares. Extra instances than I can rely.

Studying these dad and mom’ descriptions of the issues that their children freak out about really gave me a brand new perspective on it, although. If you’re dwelling by means of that second, when your youngster is screaming on the ground as a result of their sandwich is minimize mistaken, it may be onerous to stay affected person. It’s such a small factor! Recover from it! As soon as the storm has handed the motivation behind the meltdown is a bit clearer. To me it’s only a grilled cheese, however perhaps to her it’s an indication that life isn’t the best way she expects it to be.

As for freeze dance, my daughter — who’s now in grade 2, virtually an grownup based on her — defined that specific worry to me lately as nicely.

“I don’t hate freeze dance anymore, Mother,” she advised me on our stroll house from faculty. After I requested her what had modified, she stated, “Now I don’t care if individuals snicker at me once I dance. Now I believe it’s humorous, too.”

I smiled, but it surely was bittersweet. There goes yet another tiny, unsung milestone on her strategy to rising up.

What’s the strangest factor your child freaks out about?

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