Am I pregnant or is my body just weird AF?

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Am I pregnant? Or is my interval just late?

Reply: Who is aware of? BUT I FEEL LIKE I’M GOING INSANE.

This has occurred each time my husband and I have tried to conceive — aside from our first youngster, once we had been “not stopping however not actively making an attempt.” (I didn’t even suppose to check till I was already eight weeks pregnant.) However, for infants two and three, I began peeing on a stick two weeks after my predicted ovulation window. All with huge, fats negatives.

The day I was supposed to start out my interval got here and went. Nonetheless, unfavourable assessments. I suppose it was a very good 5 or six days after my missed interval that I lastly acquired a squint-until-you-sorta-see-it line.

My menstrual cycle typically lasts longer than common — 30 to 33 days, as an alternative of 28 — in order that in all probability has one thing to do with it. Nevertheless it’s nonetheless maddening as hell. Particularly when the “early consequence” assessments declare to detect being pregnant “as much as six days earlier than your missed interval” however I maintain churning out minuses till six days after my missed interval. That dreaded “two-week wait” is extra like a four-week await me. Ugh.

And don’t even get me began on early signs of being pregnant, that are practically an identical to premenstrual signs: Temper swings, belly bloating, fatigue. Yep, yep and yep. So WHY IS THIS TEST STILL NEGATIVE OR WHY HAVEN’T I STARTED BLEEDING YET?!

Nonetheless, I purchase one other pack of being pregnant assessments — hopeful that this time might be it. I submit stated being pregnant assessments within the BabyCenter Group for tweakers to see if they’ll pull the tiniest trace of a line, or to just affirm that “line” I suppose I see is wishful considering. No matter what these web strangers suppose they see in photographs of my still-negative being pregnant assessments, nonetheless, I wait.

I know, I know; somebody play me the tiniest violin. At the least I’m capable of get pregnant, proper? Belief me, I don’t take my fertility without any consideration. It’s the not understanding that will get me. The extended limbo. The maybe-you’re-pregnant-or-LOL-your-body-is-weird-AF of all of it.

Give me a plus signal or give me a interval, dang it!

Photographs by Michelle Stein, featured picture by way of Flickr/Eric E Castro

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