There's no wrong way to introduce the bottle, but I wouldn't wait too long

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By Dr. Amy Dettori

As a brand new mother who was quickly going again to work inside a number of weeks of getting a child, I struggled with so many questions round feeding. I needed to guarantee my child had breast milk. When do I introduce the bottle? When do I begin pumping? What sort of bottle or nipple ought to I use? Will my child get confused and reject the bottle fully if I do it wrong? Is it even doable to “do it wrong?”

Now that I am a pediatrician, I understand that so many new mothers have these similar questions and I typically spend time discussing these matters with them.

Introducing the bottle

First, if you introduce the bottle relies on how the child breastfeeds initially: For those who plan to proceed breastfeeding exterior of the new child interval, it is best to wait till breastfeeding is established. For those who don’t intend to proceed with breastfeeding, you’ll be able to introduce the bottle as quickly as you’d like.

Breastfeeding can typically be established in as little as per week, but some infants take longer to get it down. Typically the limiting consider beginning a bottle is if you end up prepared to pump if you don’t want to use formulation. Basically, it’s really helpful to not start pumping till your milk provide is established, which coincidentally is often when breastfeeding is established. Nonetheless, you could attempt pumping earlier if you’re attempting to enhance your provide.


Regularity is essential

As for the kind of nipple on the bottle, there are such a lot of choices to select from. In a really perfect world, you’d need a nipple that each mimics the pure form of the breast whereas additionally selling correct improvement of the child’s mouth. But, regardless, if breastfeeding has been established, it’s unlikely your child will expertise nipple confusion. It is suggested that after you introduce the bottle it is best to proceed to give the bottle periodically in order that the child remembers it and gained’t reject it if you attempt to re-introduce it.

I hear loads from mother and father who give a bottle early on and the child does nice, but then they don’t give the bottle once more for a number of weeks when mother goes again to work after which the child has hassle taking it. If the bottle is sustained periodically, this helps the child keep in mind it.

The professionals of early bottle feeding

Lastly, what are the advantages of introducing a bottle early, even when mother isn’t going again to work for a number of weeks? Being a mother is a selfless job, but typically it is crucial for mothers to handle themselves, for a wholesome mother (each mentally and bodily) leads to wholesome infants.

If the child learns to take the bottle early, this permits mother some additional freedom away from her child. For instance, she will be able to go to the grocery retailer and know her child shall be fed at house if wanted. This additionally permits dad an opportunity to take part in the care, other than simply altering diapers and holding. Feeding a brand new child is such a particular expertise and this permits dad an opportunity to be part of it. As well as, early bottle introduction permits mother and pa to have some alone grownup time (reminiscent of a date night time), which could be crucial to assist relieve the stress of getting a brand new child at house.

In the finish, there’s no “wrong” way to introduce the bottle, but doing so earlier slightly than later after the child is born could be helpful for a lot of causes.

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Dr. Dettori began her training at Tulane College, incomes a B.S. in Neuroscience after which continued on to Georgetown College for her medical coaching. After graduating from medical college, she served time in the United States Navy as a Pediatric Resident after which as a Flight Surgeon.  As soon as her time in the Navy was full, she returned to Pediatrics, and now lives in Dallas, TX together with her husband and a pair of youngsters. “She is additionally a contributing medical advisory member to Smilo.“

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