What's your 3-word pregnancy story?

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Plainly “3-word conception tales” and “3-word delivery tales” are issues, however I couldn’t bear in mind ever listening to something about these pesky 9, or 10, months in between conception and delivery.

I made a decision to Google it. Nothing. Are you able to imagine it?

Because it wasn’t a factor, I made a decision I’d make it one. And it didn’t take me lengthy to determine by myself 3-word pregnancy story.

As I began dressing for Thanksgiving dinner a few days in the past, I grew to become extremely pissed off. I nonetheless have three months left on this pregnancy and garments are already insufferable, even maternity garments. I appeared on the dozen pairs of pants on the ground and mattress and thought, “Pants. Simply no.”

3-word pregnancy stories

That was it! I instantly knew my 3-word pregnancy story. I can’t stand pants proper now. It doesn’t matter if they’re common pants, maternity pants, yoga pants, or sweatpants. All of them suck.

The very first thing I do when getting dwelling on any given day is take my pants off. That is extremely uncommon for me as I’m a self-proclaimed never-nude and I’m at all times chilly, however this pregnancy has my backside half extraordinarily temperamental. So, with out pants I’ll go. (Except I’m in a state of affairs the place that is socially unacceptable, after all.)

I requested different mothers for their very own 3-word pregnancy tales, and they’re superior. Take into account this my unofficial copyright.

Listed below are a number of too-funny, too-true, 3-word pregnancy tales.

1. “Eat. Sleep. Repeat.” Sufficient stated. That is each pregnant girl’s dream day.

3-word pregnancy stories

2. “TMI WARNING: Hemorrhoids.”
Use Tucks pads and hydrocortisone cream once they get indignant.

3-word pregnancy stories

three. “I can’t even.” This might be used when referring to plenty of issues in pregnancy, like tying footwear, rolling over in mattress, or smelling deli meat.

3-word pregnancy stories

four. “So. Freaking. Drained.” Okay, so it seems the start and finish (and a lot of the center) of pregnancy is totally exhausting. Who knew rising a human might take a lot out of an individual?

3-word pregnancy stories

5. “However…I’M PREGNANT!” What?! You count on me to do what in my situation? My buddy who shared this one stated she used this excuse to keep away from vacuuming. She is a genius.

3-word pregnancy stories


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