Why you should donate cord blood to public banks

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Ignore the non-public corporations providing to retailer your child’s cord blood for a whole bunch and even hundreds of , and as an alternative donate it to a public cord blood financial institution at no cost, says the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

Your child’s cord blood – the blood left over on the umbilical cord and placenta after delivery – incorporates stem cells that may deal with and even treatment some severe ailments resembling leukemia, immune deficiencies and metabolic issues. These ailments are uncommon, so except your loved ones has a recognized genetic danger for a illness, it’s unlikely you’ll ever want the cells. But when the cord blood is saved in a public financial institution, it might save another person’s life.

Public cord blood banks match blood with sufferers in want all around the world. Non-public banks retailer cord blood for your loved ones’s use solely.


Cord blood in public banks is used 30 instances extra often than cord blood saved in non-public banks. Donating your child’s cord blood to a public banks is free, whereas a personal cord blood financial institution could cost up to $2,000 to accumulate the blood, after which between $100 and $175 a yr to retailer it.

What’s extra, non-public cord blood banks don’t have to meet the identical high quality requirements as public banks, so if you did want to use blood from a personal financial institution it won’t be as efficient as publicly saved blood, the AAP mentioned.

Accumulating cord blood is protected, painless, and doesn’t interference with the labor course of. The blood is collected after the umbilical cord is lower.

Discover out extra about cord blood banking and the way to donate to a public cord blood financial institution.

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