You received't believe the things I've found in the toy box

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I’ve an issue — I’m a complete management freak. Fortunately, I’m acutely aware of it (due to my husband’s “constructive criticism”) and am in a position to alter my habits accordingly. I perceive that my youngsters have to learn to do things like vacuum, wash the dishes, and fold garments, however watching them do things “mistaken” is mentally and bodily painful for me.

To nurture my youngsters’s independence whereas additionally appeasing my internal psyche’s have to have things simply so, I incessantly discover myself going again and re-doing things round the home. Don’t fear, I don’t do it in entrance of the boys. I’m not fully heartless.

What journey to the cabin could be full with out 5 males cooking 1 meal? Right here’s the actual shocker: I didn’t even attempt to take over!

One in every of the extra bothersome areas of our home is the toy nook. There’s a bookshelf, a desk, and a toy box. The boys even have a number of totes in Charlie’s room full of Legos of assorted sizes and a pair completely different prepare monitor units.

Lego toy
My least favourite toy ever invented, the teeny, tiny Lego.

So, whereas I’m at dwelling, I prefer to restrict taking one or two totes out at a time. Largely as a result of I’m the one who’s compelled to type out the catastrophe later. When my husband is dwelling, it’s a free-for-all. Totes and toys in all places. However as a result of he is aware of it drives me nuts, he makes certain to attempt to choose up just a little bit earlier than I come dwelling if I’m away.

Each as soon as in some time, I begin to discover prepare tracks in the Lego bins, or a number of stray tote-box items in the huge toy box. It’s then that I do know it’s time to undergo all the toys and reorganize.

So, what have I found in the toy box  most just lately? I’ll provide you with a touch: it wasn’t a ghost or this cute and cuddly dinosaur.

toy box

As I labored at sorting toys and pulling out stray pacifiers, my thoughts was completely blown at the random insanity that was simply hanging out amongst the toys. I found a number of clothes objects (Four soiled socks, a mitten, a slipper, and a bowtie), a toothbrush, packaging for maternity gear that was beforehand in the rubbish, a number of kitchen utensils, two lifeless spiders, a half-eaten sandwich, and a partridge in a pear tree — sorry about that, I used to be on a roll.

toy box junk

And whereas I’m nonetheless just a little upset that my potato-masher was certainly in the home after I wanted it two days in the past (but nobody claimed to have seen it), and that I touched an enormous, nasty spider with my naked hand, that is simply one thing I’m not prepared to do battle over proper now. So I’ll proceed to “simply deal” with my children’ nasty, locker-room-of-a toy box.

And, I determine it might be worse. I might be this Florida dad who found a Four-foot python in his daughter’s toy chest.

toy box python

Or this household who found Australia’s deadliest snake, the japanese brown snake, wrapped in their Lego set.

Pictures by Whitney Barthel, angela n./Flickr

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