5 brilliant comebacks for those large-family haters

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Haters like to hate on huge households. Are you guys completed but? You do know the way this occurs, proper? Are they ALL yours? You’re overpopulating the world!


Complete dread. That is the sensation mothers of huge households really feel when saying one more being pregnant. My husband and I simply introduced that we are going to be having our FIRST GIRL in early 2018.

And whereas I knew there could be loads of family and friends excited for us, I additionally knew there could be others providing up not-so-positive feedback that would want deflecting.

One soon-to-be mother of 4 reached out to different BabyCenter mothers after getting flack from a complete stranger. She writes,

“I used to be at a public relaxation space the opposite day with my three little [daughters]… This lady came visiting to inform me how cute they have been [then] she tells me “I hope you’re completed already”. I let her know my fourth toddler is on its approach😀. She begins ranting that I’m overpopulating the world… What would you [have answered]?”


With the assistance of different BabyCenter mothers (many with giant households of their very own), I’ve give you 5 brilliant comebacks for any scenario.

  1. Be direct. WeRcelebr8ing states, “[If it’s someone I’m close with, I would say], ‘It bothers me that you just maintain making feedback about my household measurement. It’s not one thing I want to focus on additional.’” Or, you might go the much more direct route recommended by katieraeofsunshine, “I’d inform her to go f*ck herself and thoughts her personal enterprise.”
  2. It sounds loopy, however DO NOTHING. Actually. Texasattitude writes, “When individuals do one thing so impolite that my mind actually can’t course of it, I have a tendency to simply stare at them till they go away.”
  3. Use humor. Imapiscesscg tells how she would have dealt with the scenario. “[I would have said], ‘Don’t fear. We’re having them spayed.’”
  4. Get judicial. Among the best comebacks I’ve heard to the nice previous “you’re overpopulating the nation” is, “Yeah, however at the least I’m doing it legally.” I don’t know why I fancy this one a lot.
  5. Get scientific. Calmly clarify to the person who the U.S. birthrate is definitely at a historic low at 1.87, and, if it doesn’t get again as much as about 2.1 we could possibly be in for a nationwide emergency. Inform them your kids are literally going to be funding their Social Safety and Medicare. That ought to shut them up.

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Photographs by Whitney Barthel, iStock.

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