Could this boob-massager be a game-changer for breastfeeding mothers?

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Breastfeeding mothers know precisely how painful plugged milk ducts and mastitis can be — a lot in order that they’re prepared to attempt just about something to seek out reduction. Cabbage leaves, alternating cold and hot compresses, beginning each feeding on the affected facet, and dangle-feeding are simply a few widespread methods to ease the discomfort.

Effectively, it seems to be like there’s another choice we might add to our arsenal: The LaVie lactation massager. (a.ok.a., a fancy-looking boob vibrator.) In line with its web site, the lactation massager “helps ease signs related to engorgement, plugged ducts and mastitis. By offering mild stress and vibration to the affected breast, the lactation massager helps specific the milk and restore your move.”

The LaVie lactation massager is waterproof, comes with a number of vibration modes, and has a rechargeable battery. For $34.95, it undoubtedly appears well worth the cash. I made a decision to hit up Julie Hawksley, a board licensed lactation guide, to see if a instrument like this might truly convey reduction to a plugged-up breast.

“Sure, I feel the lactation massager might be useful,” Hawksley advised BabyCenter. “I just lately labored with a mother who had a very painful plugged duct. Nothing labored to eliminate it, besides her electrical toothbrush! The vibration of the toothbrush deal with held over the arduous, tender space of her breast helped to loosen the plug.”

Hawksley additionally offered different methods nursing mamas can relieve plugged ducts:

• Apply a moist heat compress to the world and therapeutic massage. Light therapeutic massage in a heat bathe may also assist.
• Breastfeed continuously and nurse on the affected breast first. Attempt completely different positions. Make sure that your child is latched deeply.
• Hand specific and pump as wanted, to assist empty the breast extra absolutely.
• For recurrent plugged ducts, some mothers discover lecithin dietary supplements useful. In line with Dr. Jack Newman, lecithin could assist “by lowering the viscosity (stickiness) of the milk by rising the share of polyunsaturated fatty acids within the milk.”
LaVie lactation massageer

Frequent causes of plugged milk ducts embody:

• Missed feedings or lengthy intervals between feedings. “Get extra relaxation, and give attention to nursing your child a minimum of each 2-Three hours,” Hawksley suggested.

• Shallow latch. “A deeper latch improves milk move and leads to higher drainage of the breast,” she stated.

• Pacifiers. “Earlier than you provide the pacifier, attempt nursing as an alternative, so your child doesn’t miss any feedings,” she defined. “Your child may additionally develop latching and sucking issues after utilizing the pacifier as a result of its form is so completely different from the breast.”

• Underwire bras. “Keep away from tight clothes, and be cautious when sporting a purse, backpack or cross-body bag,” Hawksley stated. “If too heavy, the straps in your bag could impede milk move.”

• Milk bleb (blocked nipple pore that turns into a blister)

• Overabundant milk provide.

“Fast decision of plugged ducts is vital to stop a breast an infection known as mastitis,” Hawksley stated. “Don’t hesitate to contact your lactation guide for hands-on assist if wanted.”

plugged milk duct

My first thought after stumbling upon this magical boob vibrator was, “WHERE has this been all of my breastfeeding life?!” Quickly adopted by, “However actually. If this is legit, I will need to have one.” Critically, although. I’ve nursed three youngsters thus far and have handled plugged ducts a handful of occasions with every child and mastitis a minimum of as soon as apiece. If I find yourself having one other child down the street, this goes on the high of my want listing.

lactation massager

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