Examine: It’s OK to use your cell phone while pregnant

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Apprehensive radio waves from your smartphone could be harming your unborn child? Don’t be, say the authors of a giant new examine on cell phone use in being pregnant.

The examine, printed within the journal BMC Public Well being, analyzed survey information involving greater than 43,000 mom-child pairs in Norway. The researchers needed to see whether or not cell-phone use in being pregnant had an influence on infants’ mind improvement.

Throughout their pregnancies, the mothers answered questions on how typically they used their cell telephones (about 1 in 10 ladies reported no cell phone use in any respect). Later, the mothers answered surveys about their youngsters’s language, communication and motor expertise at ages three and 5.


Even among the many mothers who used cell telephones essentially the most, there was no proof of any unfavorable influence on the kids’s mind improvement, the examine reported. In actual fact, the researchers discovered youngsters whose mothers used cell telephones throughout being pregnant had been much less doubtless to have delayed language, communication and motor expertise as toddlers than youngsters whose mothers didn’t use cell telephones while pregnant.

It may very well be mothers who regularly used cell telephones had been extra talkative than mothers who didn’t use cell telephones, and that helped their youngsters’s language improvement, the authors speculated.

The examine relied on ladies precisely reporting details about their cell phone use and child’s improvement themselves, so there’s room for error. Nonetheless, the examine’s massive dimension provides the findings weight. It additionally affirms findings from different research exhibiting it’s secure to use a smartphone while pregnant.

Even so, questions stay in regards to the impacts of cell phone use on human well being usually. The Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention says extra analysis is required to decide whether or not cell telephones trigger well being results.

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