Knowing The 9 Differences Between Softball And Baseball

Softball is often identified with baseball. Although the field and technique look the same, softball and baseball are different sports. In this article, we will discuss a little about the differences between softball and baseball. First, how to throw the ball. In softball, the ball is thrown from the bottom up. While Baseball from above straight toward the bat (Batter). Second, the distance between the thrower and the home plate. The distance between the thrower and the home plate in softball is closer than in baseball. Third, Bats (hitter). A baseball bat is bigger than a softball bat. And sometimes softball bats are made of different materials than baseball bats. Maybe you have heard of the Fastpitch softball is a game that is determined by the pitcher of the ball with maximum speed, similar to the baseball. In this case, the difference is in the style of throwing the ball and the way the ball is released.

Fourth, the distance of base paths. Base paths on softball have shorter distances compared to baseball. Fifth, the size of the field. Softball fields are smaller than baseball even though they are the same shape. Sixth, the area of the ball thrower. In baseball, there is a mound or what is called amount, while softball does not have a mound. On the plate, baseball, when pitching, the pitcher can touch the plate with only one foot. Meanwhile, the softball pitcher must put both feet on the plate.

Seventh, the size of the ball. Softball is bigger than a baseball. Eighth, Player. Baseball is only played by men, so it is sometimes called hardball. Meanwhile, softball can be played by women and men. Ninth, Game Rules. In baseball, there are stealing base rules. While in softball this rule does not apply, runners are not allowed to leave the base at all.

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