What if your crazy pregnancy aversion is your husband?

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Everyone knows of the meals aversions that often accompany pregnancy. Simply the scent of once-loved meats, cheeses, and treats could be sufficient to ship you proper over the sting.

However I’m right here to speak about these different aversions which can be pregnancy-induced: the unexplainable sights, smells, and typically sounds that may be equally nauseating.

For me, mine is horrible. It’s my husband. I can not stand the best way he smells. And it’s not simply his cologne or deodorant, it’s his precise pores and skin. It has gotten so unhealthy that my pores and skin crawls each time he tries to the touch me.

aversion to husband

I really feel utterly horrible. I imply, I like my husband. I’m considering perhaps my physique is subconsciously saying, “No. Keep away. This man is the rationale you’ve felt like rubbish for the final eight weeks.”

I don’t know, however it appears a variety of different mothers due late winter/early spring are additionally coping with crazy pregnant woman aversions of their very own. Aversions to locations, the best way issues really feel, and smells which can be completely unrelated to meals. A couple of mothers on BabyCenter Neighborhood revealed just a few of their very own.

Blueapricot shares,

“I went on trip to a lodge within the mountains after I was about 7 weeks pregnant (proper after I began feeling nauseated), and now after I take into consideration that location I really feel sick. The holiday makes me sick to recollect, although it was stunning and I used to be with my nice household. I additionally couldn’t end the ebook I used to be studying at the moment as a result of it makes me sick to consider it. So bizarre!!!!”

Megnham wrote,

“I’ve a automobile aversion. We purchased a brand new automobile in Could and the brand new automobile scent by no means bothered me. Now, it is the worst scent I’ve ever smelt in my complete life. I HATE driving the automobile now and need we’d have by no means purchased it.”


cameriz2 states,

“My final pregnancy I had a blanket I needed to throw out as a result of I felt sick each time I’d see it or contact it.”


Yep, we pregnant women are just about simply crazy. We (and people round us) are compelled to cope with 9 months of irrational feelings, cravings, and aversions. However it positive is value it in the long run!

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