Airsoft Gun Ownership Procedure and Use

If you want to own and keep an airsoft gun for sports purposes, you need to know the rules that cover it. Regarding the ownership license, we will describe the rules and methods or procedures for obtaining them. The procedure for owning an airsoft gun is of course very necessary and important to pay attention to because to be able to own a gun, of course, you need to comply with all the regulations. In recent times the airsoft gun community has mushroomed due to the growing interest in owning airsoft guns for several purposes, such as for collections, sports, and others. You can learn more on

Many airsoft gun enthusiasts do not understand the laws, procedures, and use of these replica weapons/toys. Even though it only has the status of a toy weapon, the ownership of this airsoft gun cannot be arbitrary. For sales of airsoft guns, it is arguably quite free on the market, then also for its own ownership it is not as rigorously tested as ownership of firearms, but it turns out that in the process of ownership there are several provisions that apply and also cannot be carelessly used in using it.

This regulation is intended to supervise and control the use, issuance of permits, supervision, and control of firearms for sports by the police. In addition, the purpose of this regulation is to realize orderly administration, supervision, ownership control, and use of firearms or airsoft guns for sports. According to these regulations, weapons for sports purposes by type are firearms, air pistols, air rifles, and airsoft guns that are used for tournament and sports activities and are not fully automatic.
According to its type, an airsoft gun is an object whose shape, work system, or function resembles a firearm made of plastic or a mixture that can throw ball bullets.

Types of airsoft guns for reaction shooting sports include:
Airsoft gun pistol type.
Airsoft Gun type rifle.

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