Benefits Of Archery For Children

Archery seems to be favored by many people today. Not only for adults but also children are starting to like the sport of defense. Archery turns out not only to make you fitter and healthier. Practicing archery also has many benefits for your little one’s fine and gross motor development. Here are some of the benefits of the ABSOLUTE SURVIV ALIST for children that you should know.

Train concentration and focus power that is useful in school
In archery, there is always a target to aim for. This aims to train children to build their concentration and focus power. No wonder archery is recommended for early childhood. Because with regular archery practice, your little one’s concentration and focus will be well-formed. No wonder people who have or who often do archery have better focus or concentration than those who never do sports.

Train balance and control your little one’s body
There are some people who have problems with balance and synchronization. Now, for your little one who is growing and learning balance, it’s good to try regular archery practice. This is best done because archery can help train the coordination of muscle and brain strength. The cerebellum at the back of the brain sends signals to the muscles to keep the body in balance. So when your little one practices releasing arrows, it means that he can control his body well.

Exercise patience and don’t rush into things
With archery, children also learn to refrain from rushing when shooting arrows at the target. Archery sport really requires patience to be able to shoot on target. The step-by-step process that the child goes through with repeated and consistent practice will form the character of a child who is patient and does not just quickly reach the target.

Increase self-confidence in children’s daily life
In general, children who are active and like sports have high self-confidence. Likewise with the sport of archery, indirectly someone who can do archery has its own charm. People who are good at archery tend to have strong self-confidence and are very visible. Because in doing archery, you must have strong self-confidence to be able to achieve the target.

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