Cannabis for Medicine in Several Countries

Marijuana for medical purposes is legal in 28 states and US capitals, as well as dozens of other countries. Argentina is not one of them, but that hasn’t stopped a group of mothers in the country from illegally growing marijuana at home to treat their children with diseases like epilepsy and autism. Valeria Salech says the oil she makes from marijuana, known as cbd hemp oil, has radically changed the quality of life of her 10-year-old son who has epilepsy. Valeria Salech now sits as president of Mama Cultiva Argentina or Mama Cultiva Argentina, an organization of Argentine mothers who share cultivation knowledge and advocate for the legalization of medical cannabis. He was so convinced of its benefits, and described the group as a “public health network.” But so far scientific research on the medical benefits of cannabis oil is limited, and there are concerns about the potential hallucinogenic effects of some cannabis compounds in children.

Pediatric neurologist Carlos Magdalena explains that, as a natural therapy, with regulated doses, cannabis oil has no negative side effects. The effects of Cannabis oil are not as severe as the harmful effects of official drugs, powerful drugs that have many side effects but have permission. And I thought it was okay. Then, phytotherapy or the use of cannabis plants as medicine is not so negative and less dangerous than these hard drugs. But we are talking about a specific dose and a certain concentration. Here we are talking about medical uses,

Meanwhile, bottled cannabis oil is ready for medical use in Thai hospitals. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health Anutin Chanvirakul, as quoted by the news site Coconuts, announced that Thailand’s health institutions had started distributing 4,500 bottles of cannabis extract — each 5 ml bottle — received on August 7. Being the first Asian country to legalize medical marijuana since the end of 2018, Thailand wasted no time in preparing marijuana for health. Apart from marijuana being called an “essential medicine”, the new law also allows the use of kratom for medical purposes. The government will be responsible for licensing the production and sale of marijuana.

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