Field Of Accounting And Explanation

Are you studying accounting and want to know the scope of accounting? Or do you want to know the types of accounting knowledge in more detail? Because before you enter the world of accounting at least you must know the fields of accounting. What about you who need accounting services? Then you should know Xero Bookkeeping Services as the best xero services provider in Australia continued.

Studying accounting will not be complete before studying the field of accounting. Studying the fields of science in accounting is very important because by studying this topic you increasingly understand how broad the scope of accounting science.

The field of Accounting must be known

1. Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is a type of accounting whose main activity is to take notes on a company’s financial activities. A financial accountant must be able to make reports of changes in capital, balance sheet, income statement, etc.

2. Accounting checks

An accounting examination or often referred to as auditing is an accounting tasked with examining a company’s financial statements.

3. Management accounting

Management accounting is an accounting carried out to provide accounting information to management. The function of management accounting is to control the activities of a company, monitor cash flow, etc.

4. Cost accounting

Cost accounting is an accounting that calculates, records, and analyzes a company’s cost data. Cost accounting emphasizes the control and cost of a company.

5. Tax accounting

This type of accounting activity is related to determining the amount of tax and tax burden of a company. Tax report calculation is also included in tax accounting activities.

6. Budgeting accounting

Budget accounting or budgeting is associated with determining a company’s budget. This includes determining the company’s financial design within a certain period.

7. Government accounting

Government accounting is accounting applied in the field of government. The main task of government accounting is to make financial reports and financial control in government institutions.

8. Accounting system

The main task of accounting systems is to design accounting methods that are more effective, efficient, and secure. This accounting activity includes preparing records management, organizing forms, organizing documents, etc.

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