Guide to Choosing a Skateboard Deck For Beginners

Interested and want to try skateboarding? Are you ready¬† with the equipment or are you confused about which one to choose fastest board? There’s nothing wrong with beginner skateboarders to prepare equipment, one of which is a skateboard deck. Make sure to choose a good quality skateboard cruiser to avoid the risk of breaking the skateboard which could result in injury. Choosing a skateboard cruiser will depend on what skateboard you want. Whether for street skateboard or skatepark use, transitional surfaces, or paved roads. There are two types of skateboard sizes, namely longboards with a skateboard deck that is longer for sliding on the streets. Then, shorter boards are for playing in the bowl or park arena or pool which are specifically designed for skateboarding.

These types of shorter boards will make it easier for players to do jumping tricks, sliding downhill slopes, or other tricks. As with any type of skateboard deck, the size of the skateboard deck will be determined by the type of skateboard that is being done. Street skateboards tend to use small skateboard decks of 7.5 – 8.25 inches because they are very easy to control for maneuvers and skateboard tricks such as flip tricks. Whereas for skateboards with transitional games, such as in bowls or pool, tend to use large skateboard decks between 8.25 – 9.0 inches because they prioritize foot comfort on the board when playing in the transition area.

The truck is the support between the skateboard deck and the wheels. Inside this truck, there is a donut-like suspension rubber called a bushing which functions as a bearing for turning. In choosing this truck, make sure you refer to the skateboard deck size you choose. The tall truck fits the big skateboard wheels and there is more room for flip tricks and other skateboard tricks. While the low truck provides good stability and is comfortable to slide. Equally important when considering buying a new skateboard are the wheels on the skateboard deck. Make sure size and hardness are your main concern. The bigger the wheels, the faster the skateboard will slide. For street skateboard, choose wheel size 49-54 mm. Meanwhile, to play in the skatepark or slide on a sloping surface, choose a larger wheel with a wheel size of 65-70 mm.

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