Installation of the GPS Tracker in the Car

The Global Position System (GPS) was first created for military purposes, which provided directions or navigation. Over time, now this tool is not only made for military needs, but also for car drivers who are known as GPS Tracker. The most important thing you should know is to install a GPS Tracker on a car, not a car at random. One of the GPS trackers that have been installed in the car cannot receive a signal and can be just a display. Indeed, at this time most car owners choose the inside of the dashboard as a “hiding place” for the GPS Tracker. You also need to find out the features of GPS for your car.

The installation of the GPS device is mostly on the dashboard, but that is not standard. Can be anywhere, but back again whether the specified part gets a GPS signal. Of course, we also have to consider it, yes, there was an example when we asked to install it on the ceiling, we could just install it but we feared that the signal would not work optimally. Another consideration when it comes to installing a GPS Tracker is not to put it at the very bottom of the car. Because if the car is flooded and the water hits the GPS Tracker, it will automatically be damaged immediately.

If the GPS tracker is exposed to flood water it is not covered under warranty, but we have a trade-in program. We take the old GPS and replace the new one at a low price. GPS installation doesn’t take long, even days, normally it’s about 45 minutes to 1 hour. If you plan to install it, choose a workshop that is recommended by many people or who are experts in their fields. Incorrect installation can damage the car’s electrical system. The GPS device will be connected to the battery as a power source, not only that there are several cables that are attached to certain parts with different functions.

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