These Roofing Materials Are Vulnerable To Leaks

Technological developments in making roofing materials have resulted in materials that are stronger and more resistant to leakage. Modern materials, which are mainly produced using these machines, are more durable than more conventional roofing materials. However, as much as possible, you need to avoid the materials in this article if you are building your first house or doing major renovations. You can also consult with Roofers Near Afton OK to select the best materials for your roof.

We have summarized several roofing materials that tend to be brittle and do not age properly along with changes in extreme weather conditions, heat, and material age, such as:

Clay Tile

Tile with clay material can be said to be a very popular tile material in its day. If you are in a building that is tall enough and can see most of the area of the city where you live, it appears that the majority use clay tile. Even so, apart from the manufacturing process which takes a long time because it is by hand and needs to be installed one by one, this material tends to be brittle. This is because clay tiles are easily moldy and mossy, making them easily broken and perforated causing leaks.

Concrete Roof Tile

With the main material of concrete, of course, concrete tile has strong resistance in terms of the material itself and resistance to hot and rainy climatic conditions. Even so, its heavyweight and porous structure make it vulnerable to moisture during the rainy season. This humidity further adds to the burden on the roof which can cause breaks and leaks during the very troublesome rainy season.

Ceramic Tile

This tile material is actually resistant to all weather conditions, has good strength, and makes the house cool. However, its heavyweight makes it prone to collisions and puts a strain on the structure of the house. If not properly maintained, these loads can damage the frame, and the tile itself can cause leaks. Meanwhile, ceramic roof trusses are relatively more expensive than other roof trusses and need to be installed more carefully because of their more complex systems.

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