You Can Use Youtube Videos For Your Whatsapp Status

When you press the share button from a Youtube video to WhatsApp status, what happens next? It is not the video that appears, it is the link from the video itself. Friends who view it must visit the link to view the video. This tutorial will provide instructions on how to make Youtube videos as status on WhatsApp. Yes. The video appears in your status, not the link. How? Meanwhile, if you also like to make status with photos, you can visit a website that helps you find some interesting status photo.

Check out the following steps “

1. Open the video on the Youtube application then tap Share.

2. Various options will appear, select Copy link.

3. Open a web browser on your smartphone, for example, Google Chrome, then paste the link address there, then visit.

4. The video will be loaded on the Youtube web page. Now, tap the area on the address bar as we are going to edit it.

5. Add ss in front of the youtube link so that the result is something like ‘’. Then visit the new address.

6. You are redirected to the download page from a website that allows you to download youtube videos online. Just click Download to get the video on your mobile.

7. If you are redirected to a page like this, tap the three vertical dots icon in the bottom right corner of the video.

8. Then click Download to start the download process.

9. After the video has finished downloading, open the WhatsApp application, go to the Status tab then tap My status.

10. The Youtube video should appear in the first row, tap to select it.

11. Tap the paper airplane icon to start uploading.

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